Modern equipment for the best in eye care

A sight test is more than just measuring how well you see or to identify if you need glasses or contact lenses. Within the sight test the optometrist will check the health of your eyes, looking for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. It is even possible to detect warning signs of some general health conditions during an eye test such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems, so really a sight test should become part of everyone’s health regime. At Scotspecs we have invested in the latest technology to provide you with a comprehensive eye examination.

Some of our equipment will be unfamiliar to new patients but not to returning customers. We screen and photograph all patients, young and old. The extra examinations and use of the high tech equipment are included in the FREE eye test.


  • Autokeratorefractor:In a few seconds this computer accurately measures the optics and curvature of your eye without any discomfort. The patient simply looks at a picture in the refractor and we get a print out of their individual measurements.
  • Autokeratorefractor

  • Computerised Focimeter:In seconds, the focimeter reads the prescription of the patient’s old glasses for comparison with their up to date result.
  • Computerised Focimeter

  • Visual Field Analyser: Presents the patient with a series of random patterns of lights in their peripheral vision. A plot of the patient’s peripheral vision and any blind spots are charted and analysed by the optometrist. Loss of peripheral vision can be characteristic of various neurological problems as well as eye diseases.
  • Digital Retinal Camera:We will take a photograph of the inside of your eye to give the optometrist a detailed image of the back of the eye. It helps us to closely assess the eye health and to moniter any changes by comparing old and new images.
  • Digital Retinal Camera Retinal Photo

  • Slit Lamp Digital PhotographyAllows, under high magnification, photography of the anatomy and features at the front of the eye. Useful when checking for changes in pigmentation, birth marks and anterior eye conditions.
  • Sliit Camera eye

  • Non-contact Tonometer: Used to measure the pressure in the eyes, the optometrist can assess the risk for glaucoma (a sight-threatening eye condition).

If you have any concerns about your eye sight please call for advice on 0141 954 8951